Venue for company parties

Rent premises for company parties in downtown Barcelona

A perfect venue for corporate events and business celebrations

Have you thought that your employees could be happier? Haven’t you ever to propose one company party with your colleagues? Maybe, you don’t even know where to begin…We would help you that’s we tell you that the most important thing for your company event is the rental venue you choose!!!!

At and we have it very clear, that’s why we always succeeded! You should look for the best location for a venue for hire in Barcelona and perfectly communicated to be able to use public transport. Is Villarroel street, 99 fancy for you? But this is not all, you’ll like it even more when tell you that and not only has the best spaces for a private party rental: for the same price as the competition we offer you all the services so that you can just take care of your coworkers!!!

A venue for hire to meet up with work colleagues is fine, but do you want a outstanding party? Come to and and discover a spectacular party venue for hire in Barcelona! Our hourly rental venue is discreet, centrally located, air-conditioned and soundproofed, has mood lighting, karaoke and endless dance mirror, 70-inch TV, kitchen, microwave and fridge. It isn’t enough??? Wait: you can control the music with your smart phone. All included in the price!!! Tables and chairs? Too we have them for you!!!

At and know that many companies want to take care of their employees so that they feel they work in the best company in the world! Can you imagine the human resources department singing and dancing at full volume…maybe, doing karaoke competitions or watching on a huge screen the photos when you were children? It’s possible, all the company colleagues end the party recording a corporate video, in front our dance mirror!

A venue for rent full of details for corporate parties

Nobody better than you to take care of your employees…we work for you! Since we opened the doors of our rooms for hire by the hours, hundreds of meetings and company parties have been held in our facilities. Of course, they have been successful! Because at and offer you much more than just and space to rent in Barcelona. In our event venues you feel comfortable and will be able to enjoy all the services, without limitations! With us you will live the most exclusive and original company celebrations in any of our rooms for hire for events in Barcelona (35 and 50m2). Forget last minute surprises with our rent by the hour. This way, you always will know the price of your celebration and discover that the best venues for parties in Barcelona is in and The one best fits your budget. Also, and will give you 15 extra minutes for the preparation for the fête, so that you only pay for the time of use.

Absurd conditions when renting a room, venue or space in Barcelona? With us, feel free…we are the best at everything! Your next company party will be different from any other event celebrated before. Don’t hesitate, at and, we love your company

Included services in the venue hire

Party venue for hire

Central location

Very well communicated area

Air-conditioned venue

Soundproofed room

With mood lighting


70-inch television

Music control from your smartphone

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