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Rent premises for company parties in downtown Barcelona

The venue for rent in Barcelona, for whatever you want!

It was about time that a place let you celebrate your private party in the way that best suits you. In this venue for rent you can have your private party with colored lights, karaoke, a 70-inch TV, and you can control the music from your mobile phone, both the song that plays and the volume of the music. The venue is rented by the hour and the timetable is free..
The other special feature we have is that we always try to adapt to the client so that if there is something that we can say yes or no, we always give the answer that the client prefers, because that is what your private party is for.

At offer you the rental of our premises with 2 rooms for your events. Celebrate whatever you want: private parties, birthdays, activities, bachelor party, 18th birthday, graduation or simply whatever you want.
You can choose any time of the day or any of our rooms of 35 and 50 m2. Our premises are completely soundproofed and equipped with everything you may need. And the venue is rented by the hour, so you can decide and adjust the price of the party, not a euro more or last-minute surprises.

The venue for hire that you were looking for whatever you need

In all private parties the good vibes are in the atmosphere because having a place to rent in the center of Barcelona where you can do what you want in the way you want, and more in these times that are not really burdening you with anything, is a super luxury.

What kind of good times have you had at a party? Playing limbo, listening to and/or watching videos of when people were little, dancing to loud music and being able to have a high, just by music and having a few drinks and fixing the world with your friends.

Prepare special birthday gifts with the 15 minutes we always give you to prepare the party, so that the honoree feels that they have been special, or also when the birthday boy or girl is the one who organizes the party, so that they can notice that their guests are clearly impressed.

What do people usually bring to their party? Balloons of the birthday of the person who is organizing the private party, videos commemorating special moments, finger food or catering, cocktail drinks and everything else you can imagine.

When it comes to controlling the party: If you are a parent concerned about your child having fun but in moderation, it must be said that during the party there is always someone to keep an eye on the party in case the internet goes down or some other mishap happens, even if it is not the norm. So as a parent don't worry as the party will take place in an environment of freedom but not of absolute lack of control.

Included services in the venue hire

Party venue for hire

Central location

Very well communicated area

Air-conditioned venue

Soundproofed room

With mood lighting


70-inch television

Music control from your smartphone

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